About Südøst

About Südøst Asian Crossover

Grünerløkka´s new venue, Südøst Asian Crossover, welcome you to a delightful evening with us.

The Story behind the Building

Aker Savings Bank and Aker Municipality City Hall were previously located at Trondheimsveien 5. Many sections of the building are considered to be of significant historical interest. In 2003, the city of Oslo decided to overturn the quarter at Trondheimsveien 5 from a range of public buildings and offices to a living area with residential, commercial and entertainment venues, with the intention of facilitating a more active lifestyle and good urban housing in the downtown area.

The plan allowed for construction of 200 residential units while ensuring the preservation of the historical buildings where Aker Savings Bank, Aker building and stables were previously located. While rebuilding, expanding and modernizing, the building’s main façade was to be either retained or restored to its original appearance. There was permission granted to erect new buildings in other sections of the quarter. Construction has been carried out in the quarter since 2004, and the quarters located at Heimdalsgata and Lakkegata completed construction on new buildings and a parking garage in 2010.


The Architectural expression

The bank building located on the corner closest to Nybrua was built in 1902 as headquarters for Aker Savings Bank and later housed various municipal operations, first for Aker and later for Oslo. The building was built with good, old-fashioned crafting methods, with brick walls and wood floors and roof. The first floor houses a very old-fashioned hall with grand columns, five-meter tall ceiling and walled bank vault. The other floors, which also boast tall ceilings and large windows, were originally offices and housing for the bank manager. The building’s façade is characterized by a local rock – Grefsen syenite – found only in the former municipality of Aker, and as far as in to Nittedal. Aker building, at the junction towards Heimdalsgata, was originally listed as Aker Hall, an administration building for Aker municipality, and was built in 1941-42. After the municipal merger in 1948, it has contained various municipal offices. Until April 2003 the buildings were used as offices for the Department of Planning and Building Services for the City of Oslo.

The building’s original style is parallel to that of Rådhuset, Oslo’s City Hall. They have similar architectural expression with brick ornaments, natural Norwegian stone, copper fittings and craftsmanship and an artistic, elaborate main hall (designed by Thore Heramb). The façade is made of brick and the basement floor of limestone slabs from Porsgrunn.

Trondheimsveien runs through the districts of Oslo, Grünerløkka, North Aker, Bjerke, Grorud and Stovner. The road starts at the end of Storgata and Nybrua, over Akerselva, and goes north to the city limits of Gjelleråsen. Trondheimsveien 5 is the address of the buildings closest to Nybrua.

Konseptet er fett!

The Consept

Our restaurant’s concept is Asian Crossover – meaning that it crosses Asian food culture with other food cultures to create something new and exciting. In our case, it is often Scandinavian and European dishes with Asian influences and ingredients, or vice versa. This crossover applies to everything from our food and drink to our service, staff and décor.

Südøst is a restaurant – in Grünerløkka – for Grünerløkka.



The interior was designed by Helene Hennie, the same designer of our sister restaurants Dinner Restaurant and Nodee Asian Fusion. In 2007 she was named Designer of the Year in the internationally renowned Andrew Martin Interior Design Review.

Südøst Asian Crossover

Trondheimsveien 5 - 0560 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 23 35 30 70

  • Opening hours

    Monday: 11.00 - 23.00
    Tuesday - Wednesday: 11.00 - 23.30
    Thursday: 11.00 - 00.00
    Friday - Saturday: 11.00 - 03.30
    Sunday: 11.00 - 22.00

    Sunday buffet: 11.00 - 21.00
    Sunday - Wednesday: 11.00 - 22.00
    Thursday: 11.00 - 23.00
    Friday - Saturday: 11.00 - 00.00