À la Carte

Signature Cocktails

*Some of our cocktails and drinks contains egg white ask your waiter

All cocktails/drinks 119,-

  • Asian Gin Tonic

    Our own infused Beefeater gin with thai basil, lemongrass,
    cucumber and chili. Topped with Thomas Henry tonic.

  • Lycheelicious

    JC lychee liqueur, Olmeca Reposado tequila, fresh passionfruit,
    chili, ginger and vanilla

  • Pinkie

    Absolut Vodka and Tataka plum wine. Served in a cocktailglass

  • White negroni

    A negroni with an Asian twist. We will use our Asian infused Beefeater gin, ginger liqueur
    from Cartron and Noilly Prat dry vermouth

  • NWA

    (Norwegians with attitude)
    A Sudøst classic with aquavit, cumquats and rosemary

  • Berrytail

    Four Roses bourbon whiskey, Aperol and fresh berries

  • Manto

    Havana Especial rum, Cherry Heering liqueur, almond syrup, fresh lime and mint

  • Champagne mojito 146

    Havana Especial Rom, fresh mint, freshly sqeezed lime. Topped of with Mercier champagne


Sashimi, Maki and Nigiri


  • Tempura Maki 6pcs (HV, SK, E, SE, S) 98,-

    Deep-fried scampi, leek and spicy mayonnaise

  • Spicy Salmon Tartar 8 pieces (HV, E, S, SE, F) 99,-

    Salmon tartar with cucumber and leek served with spicy mayonnaise

  • Salmon roll No.3 8 pieces (S, SE, HV, F) 112,-

    Lightly grilled salmon, leek, avocado, salmon roll served with sake/teriyaki sauce

  • Trout Tataki 8 pieces (SE, S, F) 118,-

    Lightly grilled trout with spring onion and jalapeno sauce

  • Softshell Crab 6 pieces (SK, SE, S, HV) 125,-

    Deep-fried softshell crab with crispy salad, cucumber rolled in rice paper. Served with spicy sauce

  • Sashimi Mix 8 slices (S, SE, F, SK, B) 135,-

    Different types of fish, shellfish and molluscs served with an asian salsa

  • Korean Kimchi (S, F) 125,-

    Thin slices of halibut served with korean kimchi sauce, tobikko and chives

  • Beef Roll 8 pieces (HV, SE, S) 129,-

    Beef, asparagus, fried leek and salad. Served with an asian pesto.

  • Sashimi (3 slices) or Nigiri (2 pieces)

    Salmon (F) 47,-
    Tuna (F) 55,-
    Halibut (F) 57,-
    Scallop (B) 68,-
    Scampi (F) 48,-

  • Crossover chef´s choice (HV,SK,E,F,P,S,M,SL,SN ,SE,SO,L,B) 199,- pr person

    24 pieces of the sushi chefs best. Min 2 person

  • Crossover seafoodplate (HV,SK,E,F,P,S,M,SL,SN ,SE,SO,L,B) 445

    Our kitchens best selection of seafood for the day. Will consist of for example Norwegian shrimps, lobster, steamed mussels, sashimi and snow crab. Servered with three different sauces and fresh bread. Minimum two persons and limited amount. Please ask your waiter

Small dishes

  • Sweet potato chips (snacks) (SE) 48,-

    Homemade sweet potato chips with five spice powder and salt

  • Spicy Edamame (SE) 63,-

    Edamame beans flavored with Togarashi spice

  • Steamed Siu mai (S, SE, B, HV, SK) 89,-

    4 pcs Siu mai with pork, scampi og scallop

  • Mixed spring rolls (S, SE, E, F, HV) 99,-

    2 fried springrolls, 1 filled with duck breast, chinese black mushroom, galingal, soy and glass noodles
    Served with spicy Hoi sin sauce and 1 fried springroll with chicken

  • Wonton & Scampiroll (E, S, SK, HV, F) 98,-

    Fried wonton filled with chicken and fried roll with scampi and minced chicken
    Served with a sweet chili-plum and fried spinach

  • Baby boy (HV, E, SK, S, SE) 99,-

    Fried scampi with avocado, cucumber, chili-mango mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce

  • Asian meatballs 88

    3 chicken meatballs with sweet corn, flavored with green curry. Served with chilisauce


    | SK: Shellfish | E: Egg | F: Fish | P: Peanut | S: Soy | M: Milk | SL: Celery | SN: Mustard | SE: Sesame
    | SO: Svoveldioksid og sulfitt | L: Lupin | B: Mollucsl A: Almondsl HV: Wheatl CN: Cashews
    It may be possible to make the dishes without these allergens. Traces of allergens can occur. Please inform us about our allergies.


  • Padthai with scampi (a little spicy) (SK, P, E, S) 172,-

    Fried rice noodles, tofu, egg, red onions, chinese chives, bean sprouts, peanuts and tamarind sauce

  • Padthai veggie (a little spicy) (P) 165,-

    Fried rice noodles, tofu, red onions, chinese chives, bean sprouts and tamarind sauce

  • Duck No 5 (HV, S, SE, B) 178

    Grilled crispy duck, eggnoodles, bean sprouts and bak choy. Servered with Asian sauce flavored with five spice

  • Lobster salad 1/2 185,- 1/1 352

    A whole or ½ lobster with fruit and fresh salad.
    Served with sesame vinaigrette

  • Beef salad (a little spicy) 168,-

    Mango, cherry tomato, scallions, salad and grilled beef. Servered with a Thai chili sauce

Main and grill dishes

Here at SüdØst we have two large, open coal grills that we use to prepare our grilled dishes

  • «Streaky Pork» Vegan (S, SE, CN) 165,-

    Fried «streaky pork», bok choy, water chestnuts, baby corn, shiitake mushroom, cashewnuts, pineapple and rice
    Served with a sweet chili sauce

  • Yellow curry (SE, S) 189,-

    Grilled chicken marinated with lemongrass, coconut milk and coriander. Served with wokked vegetables and homemade yellow curry

  • Open Sea (SK, HV, B, F, S) 235,-

    Todays grilled fish, shellfish or molluscs flavored with basil
    Please ask your waiter

  • Black Pepper Beef (S, SE) 239,-

    Grilled beef tenderloin, asparagus and fried mushrooms.
    Served with yuzu pepper sauce and fried potato wedges

  • Crazy Duck (HV, SE, B, P, S) 299,-

    Crispy duck with vietnamese spices, pancakes, cucumber, salad and hoisin sauce with a twist

  • Lamb carre 235

    Grilled rack of lamb with massaman curry. Served with sweet potato, baked cherry tomato and grilled pineapple


  • 3 types of sorbet 78,-

    Our chef's selection of sorbet

  • Mango cheesecake (E, HV, M) 98,-

    Homemade mango cheesecake, served with mango sorbet and fresh fruit

  • Asian “bondepiker” (E, HV, M) 95,-

    Passionfruit and mango crème with chocolate crumble, mango salsa, and passion fruit sorbet

  • Strawberry soup 78,-

    Flavored with ginger. Served with sorbet

  • Dessert Symphony min 2.pers (E, HV, M, P) 129,-

    A selection of the house’s desserts

Südøst Asian Crossover

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